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Free Services


Food and Nutrition Classes

Insight to topics such as battling weight through diet, planning meals for diabetics, and communicating information about vitamins, minerals and supplements.

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Wellness & Fitness Classes

HATT provides a couple of free wellness & fitness classes and a free fitness assessment.

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Diabetic Training Classes

The topics range from the history of diabetes to the nutritional diets for people living with diabetes.

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PharmX-Pure Age Mgmt

Mike, Executive Director of PharmX-Pure Age Mgmt is a proud sponsor of March For Hunger and a true hero for donating to feed 5 families for 1 year. 5 Families will receive a Food Bucket every month for a year. Thank you, Mike!


Proud sponsors and supporters of March For Hunger.

Delray Beach Trader Joe's Proud Sponsors

Thank you to Delray Beach Trader Joe's Donation Coordinator, Adam for donating a gift basket for the March For Hunger Event!

Delray Beach Fire Department

Proudly showing their support for March For Hunger. Thank you gentlemen! You are some of the true heroes of the City of Delray Beach!

Ralph with Delray Beach Commissioner, Ryan Boylston

Proudly showing his support for March For Hunger.

Belle Glade Mayor Steve Wilson

Proud supporter of March For Hunger. Thank you Mayor for working with us to feed residents of Belle Glades who are living with hunger.

Our Proud Sponsors and Partners

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